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Claddagh Earrings

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Claddagh earrings, with their unmistakable design of hands, heart and crown, stand apart both in style and meaning. Over the years, the Claddagh image has come to celebrate relationships, from friendship to romantic love and -- in times past -- has been interpreted as a sign of loyalty to the monarchy. Most closely associated with Ireland, Irish Claddagh earrings, like Celtic rings and pendants of the same design, range from ornate to sleek, sometimes using gemstones as a decorative feature.

Gold Claddagh earrings from FactoryDirectJewelry.com are hand crafted from 10K and 14K gold, with yellow and white gold popular choices. You’ll see the most frequently applied finish is a polish finish, which gives the gold Claddagh earrings a long-lasting high sheen, although the silk finish is lovely when a matte appearance is desired. Once in a while, our Claddagh earrings in gold especially, but sometimes also in silver, might feature both finishes, which creates a very effective contrast.

Silver Claddagh earrings are as lovely as those in white gold, and have the advantage of being even more affordable. All the silver online jewelry here at FactoryDirectJewelry.com, including silver Claddagh earrings, is made from sterling silver with a millesimal fineness of 925, meaning that the sterling silver alloy is 92.5 percent pure silver with the remainder being copper or other metals.

Claddagh rings and earrings are most often circular in design, resembling rings, with the clasping hands joined by an arc that is rather like the arms. The hands in Irish Claddagh earrings hold a heart, on top of which is the crown. The two most common expressions applied to the Claddagh theme of Love, Loyalty and Friendship are: With my Hands, I give you my Heart and Crown it with my Love; and The Hands are for Friendship; The Heart is for Love; And Loyalty is shown with the Crown up above.