The popular box chain is a necklace that’s made up of square links, each connected to the other, to form a smooth chain. A box chain necklace, like any online jewelry necklace, usually performs the necessary task of securing a pendant or charm, but can also become the focal piece of jewelry when worn alone. Although the yellow gold box chain has been the traditional standard over the years, these days white gold chains are equally popular.

The choice between white gold and yellow gold is one of personal preference, really. There’s no price difference between the two, because each has the same amount of pure gold as the other. Different price points do come into play when you look at the purity of your necklace. Selecting a 14k gold box chain will cost more than a 10k one.

There’s also really no difference between a box chain worn by a man and one worn by a woman, except that a gold chain for a gentleman tends to be thicker. A white gold box chain (or yellow gold for that matter) with the smallest gauge of .67mm, for example, is extremely delicate and works well on women when worn alone or with miniscule charms and pendants. A much thicker 14k gold box chain, at 1.15mm for example, can more appropriately be worn by a man and often without a pendant of any kind.

A box chain necklace can be purchased in many lengths. The most common of these are 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24 inches. Again, personal preference plays a large part in the length of chain you’ll decide on for your yellow or white gold box chain, but your clothing will also dictate the best length of chain. If you’re wearing a high neckline, then a short length box chain is indicated (unless it’s a turtleneck sweater, when long gold chains are appropriate).


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