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Toe Rings

On the beach, out to dinner, or simply running errands about town, you can always put your best foot forward with the fabulous collection of toe rings from Factory Direct Jewelry! We have one of the most diverse selections of toe rings for women, including Irish and Celtic designs, fun and flirty fashions, and classic gold and sterling silver toe rings. No matter what your personal style, Factory Direct Jewelry has something for you!

Previously considered to be a “summertime fad,” silver and gold toe rings are now a fashion trend that you can see women and men wearing year round. Toe rings are the perfect accessory for any pair of open-toed shoes or sandals – they can dress up a casual pair of flip-flops or keep a pair of high heels from looking overly dressy. You can also wear your toe ring with closed-toe shoes. People won’t see your beautiful foot décor, but you also don’t have to take it on and off when switching shoes.

At Factory Direct Jewelry we offer semi fitted toe rings that can be adjusted to fit toes of nearly any size. Most people prefer to wear their toe ring on their second toe just below or at the first joint. The second toe (next to the big toe) is optimal because the wide toe pad keeps the toe ring on and prevents it from slipping around while you walk.

At Factory Direct Jewelry we have cut out the expensive middle man in order to offer our online jewelry directly to our customers at extraordinarily great deals, with an average savings of about 50% off of retail prices. In addition, we offer a 100% price guarantee, so if you have any doubts, concerns, or issues with the toe ring, gold chains or other jewelry you have received, you can simply return your order to us and we will refund your money right away, with no questions asked.