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Men's Claddagh Rings

Men’s Claddagh rings are often worn as so much more than simply handsome pieces of Celtic jewelry (although they are that too). This is because there are multiple layers of meaning generally attributed to the design of crown, heart and hands seen in Claddagh rings for men (and women, for that matter). Traditionally, for instance, silver men’s Claddagh rings worn on the left hand ring finger serve as wedding bands.

Claddagh rings for men touch on many aspects of relationships, in addition to the romantic theme. Friendship and loyalty are very important, as evidenced by this popular rendering: Let Love and Friendship Reign Forever, and historically touched on royal fealty (The hands are for friendship, the heart is for love; and loyalty is shown with the crown up above).

Certainly the way men’s Claddagh rings are worn helps define intent. For example, if you’re not available romantically, male Claddagh rings must be worn on your right hand ring finger with the heart pointing inward toward your own heart. If, however, you are single and available, make sure the heart on your men’s Claddagh jewelry points away from you.

A portion of the Claddagh motif (the clasping hands) goes back to artwork from Roman times, but the full design that’s come down over the years showing the trio of hands, heart and crown is generally attributed to the Irish. Certainly the tradition of using gold Claddagh rings for men and women as Celtic wedding bands is one that has been followed in Ireland for generations.

When you buy silver men’s Claddagh rings or any other online Claddagh jewelry, you’ll find them as elaborate or simple as you wish, with diamond-studded rings very popular, as are men’s Claddagh rings encrusted with jewels. Some are quite modern in design too, with sleek, simple renderings that allow the layers of meaning to shine through.

With my hands I give you my heart and crown it with my love.