Dentistry Symbol Pendant Necklace in White Gold

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The Official Symbol of Dentistry
The emblem of dentistry is taken from Asclepius, a Greek god of medicine and healing. His symbol is a physician’s staff with a
snake wrapped around it. In honor of Asclepius, ancient Greeks would use non-venomous snakes in healing rituals. The snakes
would also crawl around on the floors of where the sick and injured slept. The lilac color of the emblem dates back to the National
Association of Dental Faculties in 1897. Dental graduates today use the purple color in their gowns and caps, and the color is often
found in dental publications. It’s a testament to a color becoming a part of the honor of becoming a dentist. The American Dental
Association adopted the emblem as the official symbol of dentistry in 1965. The design is placed inside two frames. One of them,
the triangle, is actually the Greek letter Delta, the symbol of dentistry. The circle frame represents another Greek letter, Omicron.
It is the initial of the word “Odont”, which is the Greek word for “tooth”.
. The design also has 32 leaves and 20 berries, which
represent the 32 permanent teeth and 20 baby teeth. Citation(1) Citation(2)

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This piece brings modern fashion to a whole new level!
With a sleek-clean style, this designer dentistry pendant was delicately
handcrafted to perfection by our specialist jewelers with
more than 35 years of experience. A modern design made with a
pure white gold then topped off with a glossy high polish finish. Crafted with a beaded design,
add this handmade piece to
your own unique collection today or give a thoughtful gift to your favorite dentist!
Proudly Handmade and Manufactured right here in the USA!

Item Specifications:
Metal: White Gold
Finish: High Polish
Height Including Bail: 1.3 IN (34.73 MM)
Width: 1.0 IN (25.77 MM)
10K Weight: 2.8 g
14K Weight: 2.9 g
Available with 16", 18", 20", & 22" Rolo Chains.



1.00 (in)
1.30 (in)
Metal Type:
Gold Color:
White Gold
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