Rose Gold Dharma Wheel Buddhism Symbol

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Rose Gold Dharma Wheel Buddhism Symbol

The wheel's motion is a metaphor for the rapid spiritual change engendered by the teachings of the Buddha. The wheel also represents the endless cycle of samsara, or rebirth, which can only be escaped by means of the Buddha's teachings.Some Buddhists regard the the wheel's three basic parts as symbols of the "three trainings" in Buddhist practice: The hub symbolizes moral discipline, which stabilizes the mind. The spokes (usually there are eight) represent wisdom which is applied to defeat ignorance. The rim represents training in concentration, which holds everything else together.


Width: 1.07 in  (   27.43mm)

Height:  1.44 in ( 36.75mm)

Polished finished.

Made in USA

Available in 10k and 14k.

1.07 (in)
1.44 (in)
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