White Gold Fireman's Hat Helmet Number 1 Oval Medallion Pendant Necklace

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Ignite a spirit of valor with this Fireman’s Hat and Helmet Number 1 Pendant Necklace, a true ode to unwavering courage and selfless service. Artfully crafted to represent not just a profession, but a calling, this intricate piece embodies the heroism and steadfastness of firefighters. The gleaming helmet symbolizing protection and the embossed "1" speaks of being unparalleled in bravery. Wearable daily and especially during formal events like firefighter ceremonies, it's a subtle, elegant tribute that harmoniously blends symbolism with style.Drape this emblem of bravery and courage around your neck or gift it to a loved one in the fire service, ensuring that the spirit of heroism is always close to their heart. An ideal choice for those who have a firefighter in their family or social circle, it serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by these everyday heroes. Perfect for anniversaries, graduations, or as a token of appreciation, this pendant is not just jewelry – it’s a wearable salute to valor, making it a timeless and versatile accessory.Adorn your neckline with an emblem that's more than mere ornamentation – it’s a whisper of respect, a subtle nod to the tireless warriors fighting against the blaze, preserving life and property with unyielding resolve. This necklace, exquisite in its simplicity and profound in its meaning, seamlessly becomes a part of everyday wear and a conversation starter, bringing stories of bravery to the fore.

Keep memories of valor alight with every wear, ensuring the audacity that firefighters embody is perpetually celebrated and remembered. With its subtle elegance and poignant meaning, this necklace subtly converts an everyday accessory into a perpetual homage to fearlessness and commitment. Cherish and convey unspoken narratives of bravery, making this unique piece a treasure for generations to honor, admire, and hold dear, forever intertwining heroic tales with timeless elegance.


Necklace/Pendant Measurements

  • Chain size 0.5 mm 
  • Pendant Height with Bail: 1.06" (26.924 mm)
  • Pendant Height without Bail: 0.87" (22.098 mm) 
  • Pendant Width: 0.55" (13.97 mm) 
  • Pendant Depth(average):0.04" (1.016 mm) 

Pendant Bail  

  • Bail Fits up to a 3 mm chain. 
  • Bail Height:0.28" (7.112 mm)
  • Bail Width: 0.14" (3.556 mm)
  • Bail Depth:0.21" (5.334 mm)

Necklace/Pendant Specifications

  • Finish: High polished
  • Available in 16", 18", 20" and 22" rolo chain sizes
  • Bail Fits up to a 3mm chain.
  • Chain size 0.5 mm  
  • Metal: Solid Genuine Gold (in your choice of 10k or 14k)
  • Made in USA


0.55 (in)
1.06 (in)
0.04 (in)
Metal Type:
Gold Color:
White Gold
Jewelry Type:

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