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gold chains

Rope chains are necklaces that can be worn alone or with a pendant, and are popular in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. Gold rope chains are probably most frequently thought of as being yellow gold jewelry, although white gold rope chains are certainly a favorite option. Here at FactoryDirectJewelry.com, both tones of gold are also offered in 10k and 14k purity which, together with the rope chain’s length, will increase or decrease the online jewelry unit price.

There’s really no difference between gold rope chains for men and those for women, both being gold chains that look like woven rope, except that men’s gold rope chains tend to be thicker. Rope chains with 0.29 mm gauges, for example, are slim and work well when worn alone or with small charms and pendants. The heaviest gold chains are usually worn by men and most often without medallions of any kind.

Is there anything worse than losing a favorite necklace because of a faulty clasp? Probably not, which is why you’ll see our preferred choice of clasp for gold rope chains sold at FactoryDirectJewelry.com is the very secure lobster claw. Not only are the spring mechanisms of lobster claw clasps less likely to give way than the less secure box clasps or toggle clasps, but they’re also easy to manipulate than many others, including spring ring clasps.

Rope chains come in a variety of lengths, the most common being 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24 inches. The length you choose is based largely on personal preference, but certainly the neckline of your clothing must come into play here (unless you want your chain hidden). As a rule of thumb, the width of gold rope chains for men correlates with their length: the thicker they are, the longer they are. Women’s rope chains follow this trend to a lesser degree, simply because women don’t usually wear very wide gold chains.