Posted by AC on 20th Jan 2015

Medical Pendants

Medical professionals are our modern-day heroes who continue to save and change the world in many ways. Whether you are a doctor, a registered nurse, or a physical therapist, represent your profession by wearing these medical pendants which were brilliantly crafted at our private state-of-the-art factory in Los Angeles. We know how much sacrifice and passion you put into your job, so let us celebrate your hard work even outside the hospital through these medical pendants and necklaces. Here are some of the featured items from our medical jewelry collection:

This gold RN pendant shows the Caduceus symbol, which is consist of two intertwined snakes around a winged staff. The history of this symbol could be traced down to the ancient Greek mythology, wherein Hermes, the messenger of the gods, carried a rod with two snakes around it. The Caduceus became a medical symbol and was used to represent the mystical powers of healing. Gift this gold RN pendant to a nurse who has cared for you or touched your life, and make it a symbol of your gratitude and appreciation.

Gold RN PendantSterling Silver RN Pendant

Another medical pendant for healthcare professionals is this gold EMT pendant which is available in white gold and rose gold. Best for emergency medical technicians who go the extra mile to save one’s life, this gold EMT pendant features the Star of Life symbol, which shows a six-pointed star and a serpent wrapped around a staff. This staff is also known as the Rod of Asclepius, the god of medicine in Greek mythology. This EMT logo serves as an identification and symbol for rescuers in the field of medicine. Available in 10k and 14k gold, the gold emergency medical technician pendant will stand the test of time, as it was not only crafted with excellent gold quality, but also created with passion by our best jewelry makers. The silver EMT pendant was made from the finest 925 silver, and compared to other silver jewelry from other stores, we can assure you that our silver pendants can stand the test of time and can be sold at a reasonable and affordable price.

Gold EMT PendantRose Gold EMT PendantSterling Silver EMT Pendant