Posted by Zaven G on 1st Jul 2014

Star of David Meaning

The Star of David is a six-pointed star which has been recognized as a Jewish symbolic representation in the past hundreds of years. The Star of David was first seen on a Judaic seal, discovered approximately in the year 700 B.C. in the old metropolis of Sidon. The Star of David nowadays is the most significant of all the symbolic representations of the Jewish religion. The Star of David (better known in Hebrew as the Magen David) is on the Israeli flag. You will also find it on Synagogues and is acknowledged as the main Jewish symbol the world over.

The Star of David is a beautiful artistic influence which makes a perfect gift for all occasions, particularly as a charm. It makes a strong statement of not only the Jewish faith but also for the State of Israel.

The Star of David, or Magen David in Hebrew, is the most traditional representation of the Judaism.The association with King David comes largely from legend. When David was a teen, he fought the Babylonian King Nimrod. David's shield was composed of two interlocking triangles attached to the back of a round shield. The battle became so intense that that the two triangles were fused together. David won the battle and the two interlocking triangles where than known as the Shield of David. This is just one of the origin stories for the iconic symbol.In the 19thcentury the symbol was chosen to represent the First Zionist Congress in 1897 held in Switzerland and later on the flag of Israel. Although the Star of David has no religious meaning attached to the Jewish faith it is now a symbol of unity and Jewish identity. has a wide collection of Star of David pendants. Whether you are looking for a modest pendant or with diamonds, we carry something that will satisfy all your shopping needs. Gold or silver are readily available for your choosing.

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