Posted by Christine L on 14th Aug 2015


                     ButterfliesButterflies are part of the class of insects in the order Lepidoptera. Adult butterflies have larg …

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Posted by Christine L on 3rd Aug 2015

August Birthstone- Peridot

Who here is an August baby? Did you know your birthstone is the Peridot stone? Here's another question, have you ever wondered where birthstone's come from? Experts believe it comes from way back …

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Posted by Christine L on 23rd Jul 2015


       Is your Zodiac sign a Leo? The Leo season starts today!        Express yourself with one of our items that make you, you!         &n …

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Posted by Christine on 22nd Jul 2015


Who doesn't love music? I’m 99.7% sure everyone loves music. Music is the universal language. Whether you have a passion for music or you just hum to a song while working, music plays a big part in al …

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Posted by Christine L on 13th Jul 2015


The lotus flower is a flower seen for many years in many cultures, with different representations.Nelumbo Nucifera is the Indian Lotus, also known as the sacred lotus. It is one of the two species of …

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Posted by Christine L on 8th Jul 2015

Beyond the Sea

These pendants are sure to bring a whirlpool of excitement and enthusiasm. With its aquatic creatures and nautical themes, they will put a smile on any ones face. Whether it is to reminisce about thos …

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