Hashtag Necklaces

Posted by AC on 23rd Jan 2015

Hashtag Necklaces

Hashtag symbols have recently become an important part of social media. It was used to properly categorize certain keywords, providing the users to easily search and find similar stories with the same existing keyword. It eventually became a cultural phenomenon in the cyberworld, as it was a means to know the latest trending story online.

Being hip and having a refined taste with current trends are what makes the 20th century style more interesting. Its existence offline and outside social networking sites became prevalent, that is why at Factory Direct Jewelry, we find hashtags relevant in today’s fashion scene.

Among our hashtag collection is this gold #LOVE necklace which is available in 14k. In the past 3 years, #LOVE is the most used hashtag on Instagram, with over 660 million mentions in posts. Wear this gold #LOVE necklace and spread good vibes to the universe. 

Gold #LOVE NecklaceRose Gold #LOVE NecklaceWhite Gold #LOVE Necklace

If you are looking for a gift for your best friend, this gold #BFF necklace is a present that she could keep forever. This fabulous gold hashtag necklace will become a statement of your friendship and it will serve as a reminder of all the good time you had together. Proudly wear this gold #BFF necklace and remember that you have a best friend who always got your back through thick and thin.

Gold #BFF NecklaceRose Gold #BFF NecklaceWhite Gold #BFF Necklace

Make your mom look cool and in style with this 14k gold #MOM necklace. Whether she likes to use the hashtag symbol or not whenever she posts something on Twitter or Facebook, she will greatly appreciate this necklace especially if it comes from you. 

Gold #MOM NecklaceRose Gold #MOM NecklaceWhite Gold #MOM Necklace

Browse our online store for more necklaces from our hashtag symbol collection. Our hashtag necklaces are also available in rose gold, white gold and silver, and all were polished to perfection by our best jewelry makers. Each jewelry was made and crafted to reach the highest product quality, ensuring a 100% customer satisfaction.