Celtic Jewelry

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Celtic jewelry has a wide variety of meanings and can be used to signify everlasting love, family pride and friendship. Several tribal Celtic designs date as far back as 4,000 years ago, and can be traced to artwork of the late Roman Empire in the third and fourth centuries AD. Some of the most popular Celtic jewelry for men and women include Celtic knot rings, which feature a wide variety of endless knot designs; Claddagh rings, which usually feature two hands clasping a heart underneath a crown; and Celtic crosses.

Because Celtic designs have such a long history, there are many interpretations for what the designs on Celtic rings and other jewelry signify. While there is no solid evidence of the original meanings of Celtic symbols, and historians have come to many different conclusions, most agree that any person that defines Celtic jewelry as having just one meaning will most likely miss out on a lot of its significance and history. In general, modern pieces can be interpreted by those who create and wear them in terms of the artist’s or the owner’s personal beliefs as well as in terms of objects and beliefs that are meaningful in today’s world.

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