Gold Chains

Display your finest pendants, favorite charms, or wear a favorite ring close to your heart with one of the beautiful 10k or 14k gold chains from Factory Direct Jewelry. We offer one of the largest selections of gold chains for men and women, including box chains, rope chains, Cuban chains, Figaro chains, flat mariner chains, rolo chains, and Singapore chains.

Our gold chains come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 0.2 mm to 1.0 mm and 16” to 24”. Women looking for men’s gold chains should measure his shirt neck size and add two inches for each inch you want the chain to hang past his top shirt button. Generally a 20” or 22” chain is fine, but some men prefer a 24” that they can slip over their heads without unclasping it. Men looking for gold chains for women can buy nearly any size. If you want the chain to be worn on its own, go for the 18” option, but depending on what it will be used for you might just want to ask the recipient how long of a chain she wants.

Don’t see the type of gold chain that you’re looking for? We also offer a beautiful selection of white gold chains in many styles and sizes. All of our chains and other jewelry are 100% manufactured and crafted in the USA; we stand behind every single piece of jewelry we produce as being representative of our motto: price, service, and quality guaranteed.

At Factory Direct Jewelry we strive to make shopping for online jewelry as easy as possible. From earrings to wedding rings to toe rings, we are dedicated to helping you find the quality piece of jewelry you want and need. If you ever need any assistance with ordering from Factory Direct Jewelry, our customer service representatives are ready to help. Call us toll-free at 888-226-5138 to place your order today!