Gold Claddagh Ring

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A gold Claddagh ring is often so much more than simply a lovely piece of Claddagh jewelry. This is because of the various meanings attributed to the Claddagh design of crown, heart and hands. Traditionally, yellow or white gold Claddagh rings worn on the left hand wedding ring finger serve as Celtic wedding bands, with the following lover’s interpretation attached: With my hands I give you my heart and crown it with my love.

Our online Claddagh jewelry and Gold Claddagh rings touch on all aspects of relationships too. In addition to the romantic theme, there’s friendship and loyalty as evidenced by this popular rendering: The hands are for friendship, the heart is for love; and loyalty is shown with the crown up above. The way gold Claddagh rings are worn helps define intent. For example, if you wish to signify your relationship status as being single or available, wear your 14k gold Claddagh ring on your right ring finger and make sure the heart points away from you. If, on the other hand, you’re not available romantically, simply turn the ring around.

A partial Claddagh motif goes back to Roman times, but the design that’s evolved over the years (from clasped hands only to the trio of hands, heart and crown) is attributed to the Irish. The gold Claddagh rings you see today is very much the same as those handed down through generations by Irish families as treasured heirlooms, although certainly modern renderings can update the style, making gold Claddagh rings somewhat sleeker in overall appearance.

When you buy men's Claddagh rings, the most important aspect to look for isn’t really if the gold purity is designated 10k or 14k, or if it’s diamond-studded or encrusted with jewels, it’s how you intuitively connect to it. A gold Claddagh ring, more than almost any other piece of jewelry, is very personal, with deep-seated emotional meanings attached to it that have held true for thousands of years.

Let Love and Friendship Reign Forever.