Irish Jewelry

Irish jewelry is, by virtue of its design, symbolism and historical significance, a modern link to the ancient cultural and artistic traditions of the people of Ireland, including the Celts. As in the past, gold Irish jewelry still tends to become heirloom pieces, handed down and treasured over many generations.

The Popularity of Irish Jewelry

Celtic Irish jewelry is appreciated by people of all nationalities and from all walks of life, including celebrities. Some of the more famous names seen wearing Irish jewelry include John F. Kennedy, a former President of the United States, who wore a Claddagh ring to honor his family heritage, as well as the singer Maura O’Connell, whose Claddagh ring is said to have been in her family for years.

As celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts are spotted sporting these Celtic rings, the popularity of the style increases exponentially, much to the joy of Irish jewelry stores and their owners. Some people wear gold or silver Irish jewelry because it’s stylish, but many others enjoy the culture background it represents and the various meanings attached to its symbols and the material it’s made from.

Metals Used in Irish Jewelry

Irish jewelry is available in different metals and each metal has a different meaning associated with it. The most popular metals and their significance are as follows:

Sterling silver: Celtic Irish jewelry, especially Claddagh rings, was originally made from sterling silver and used as Celtic wedding rings or promise rings. As silver represents female strength, a sterling silver ring is considered a perfect gift for women.

Gold: In many religions and cultures, gold is said to be synonymous with courage, strength, health, divinity and wealth. Therefore, gold Irish jewelry is considered suitable for men as well as women.

Stainless steel: According to the popular Irish belief, steel keeps evil spirits away while attracting power and purity in actions. In addition, wearing an ornamental piece of stainless steel is believed to increase one’s intuitive powers.

Copper: Because copper is a good conductor, those who wear copper ornaments are said to be able to draw positive energy from their surroundings.

Platinum: Platinum is a symbol of vigor and willpower. Therefore, wearing Irish jewelry made from platinum is said to help with good health and success.

Wear your Irish jewelry in good health!