Gold Egyptian Anubis Ankh Cross Eye of Horus Wadjet Hieroglyphics Amulet Pendant Necklace (Available in Yellow/Rose/White)


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The Egyptian Anubis Ankh Cross Eye of Horus Wadjet Hieroglyphics Amulet Pendant is a captivating and meaningful piece of jewelry that pays homage to the rich and ancient culture of Egypt.


At its heart, this pendant prominently features the Ankh Cross, an enduring symbol representing life, immortality, and rebirth. The Ankh is a powerful emblem of spiritual renewal and eternal life, deeply rooted in Egyptian mythology.


The presence of Anubis, the god of mummification and the afterlife, adds a layer of symbolism to the pendant. Anubis is often depicted as a jackal or dog-headed deity and is associated with the protection of the deceased on their journey to the afterlife.


Additionally, the pendant showcases the Eye of Horus, also known as the Udjat or Wadjet eye. This ancient symbol is renowned for its protective qualities, symbolizing healing, royal power, and the ability to ward off negative energy.


The intricate hieroglyphics adorning the pendant pay homage to the sacred script of ancient Egypt, providing a deeper connection to the culture and spirituality of this civilization.


This pendant serves as both a protective amulet and a symbol of reverence for Egyptian mythology and spirituality. It is believed to shield the wearer from negative influences and promote well-being while honoring the ancient gods.


Whether you wear it to express your spiritual beliefs, connect with Egyptian heritage, or as a distinctive fashion accessory, this pendant harmoniously blends artistry and symbolism. It serves as a tangible reminder of your connection to the profound symbols and beliefs of ancient Egypt.


In a world where jewelry often carries personal meaning, the Egyptian Anubis Ankh Cross Eye of Horus Wadjet Hieroglyphics Amulet Pendant stands out as a remarkable fusion of ancient Egyptian spirituality and contemporary aesthetics. It is a tangible representation of your connection to the timeless symbols and beliefs of this ancient civilization.


For those seeking a pendant that embodies deep symbolism, spirituality, and protection, this pendant offers a captivating choice that resonates with profound significance.


  • Handcrafted in 10k and 14k solid gold.
  • Available in yellow, rose, and white gold to suit different styles.
  • Accommodates chains up to 3.5mm, a very versatile size that can fit most of your chains.
  • High polish finish for a mirror-like shine.
  • Allergy-free - Our yellow and rose gold don't contain nickel. White gold contains little to none. (take into consideration if you have super sensitive skin).
  • Tarnish-free when taken care of properly.
  • Stamped for authenticity (10k Stamp for 10k gold and 14k Stamp for 14k gold).
  • Make it a necklace by adding a matching gold 0.25mm rolo chain. (The chain will match the purity of the gold you choose for your pendant).
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