.925 Sterling Silver Egyptian Eye of Horus Wedjat Ankh Cross Men's Ring

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The Egyptian Eye of Horus Wedjat Ankh Cross Men's Ring is a powerful symbol of ancient Egyptian spirituality and protection.


At its heart lies the Eye of Horus, also known as the Wedjat Eye, a sacred emblem in Egyptian culture. This symbol represents the vigilant eye of the god Horus, offering protection, guidance, and healing. Wearing this ring is believed to bring spiritual blessings and safeguard against negative forces, making it a meaningful and protective accessory.


The Ankh Cross, a key element of this ring, is another iconic Egyptian symbol. It signifies life and immortality, making it a potent reminder of the eternal nature of existence.


Practically, this ring is not just a piece of jewelry but also a powerful talisman. By wearing it, you carry the profound symbolism of ancient Egypt with you every day, fostering a sense of spiritual connection and protection.


Whether worn as a bold statement or a subtle reminder of your spiritual journey, the Egyptian Eye of Horus Wedjat Ankh Cross Men's Ring is a unique and meaningful choice. It makes for a thoughtful gift for those seeking both aesthetic appeal and profound symbolism in their jewelry.


In summary, the Egyptian Eye of Horus Wedjat Ankh Cross Men's Ring is a fusion of aesthetics and symbolism. It serves as a tangible symbol of protection, guidance, and spirituality, offering wearers a connection to the mysteries and wisdom of ancient Egypt.


  • Rhodium plated for a whiter and brighter look.
  • Top width: 16.0mm and Band width: 3.5mm
  • Width:0.72"      Height:0.95"     Depth:0.03"
  • High polish finish for a mirror-like shine.
  • Hollow back.
  • Hallmarked for authenticity.
0.72 (in)
0.95 (in)
0.03 (in)
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