Sea Turtle Rope Toe Ring in Gold (Yellow/Rose/White)

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Sea Turtle Rope Toe Ring in Yellow, Rose or White Gold   (Select desired Gold Color above)       
The Sea Turtle 
The tortoise is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, and is able to defend itself on its own. It personifies water, the moon, the Earth,
time, immortality, and fertility. Creation is associated with the tortoise and it is also believed that the tortoise bears the burden of the
whole world.
The turtle has a prominent position as a symbol of steadfastness and tranquility in religion, mythology, and folklore from
around the world. A tortoise's longevity is suggested by its long lifespan and its shell, which was thought to protect it from any foe.
In the cosmological myths of several cultures a World Turtle carries the world upon its back or supports the heavens. The myth of
World Tortoise, along with that of a world-bearing elephant, was discussed comparatively by Edward Burnett Taylor (1878:341)

With a sleek-clean style, this sea turtle toe ring was delicately handcrafted to perfection by our specialist jewelers with more
than 35 years of experience. A solid roped design made with a solid yellow gold, then topped off with a glossy high finish on
a sleek band. Add this handcrafted piece to your own unique collection for a cute look!
Proudly Handcrafted and Manufactured in the USA!

Item Specifications:
Metal: Gold ( Yellow, Rose or White ) 
Finish: High Polish
Band Width: 
0.3 IN (7.60 MM) - At Thickest
0.08 IN (2.12 MM) - At Thinnest
10K - 0.9 g
14K - 1.0 g


0.08 (in)
Metal Type:
Gold Color:
Yellow Gold
Gold Color:
Rose Gold
Gold Color:
White Gold
Jewelry Type:

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