Sterling Silver Japanese Buddhist Zen Circle with Bonsai Tree Pendant

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Sterling Silver Japanese Buddhist Zen Circle Pendant

Zen circles, ensō, are symbols of teaching, reality, enlightenment, and a myriad of things in between. Seemingly perfect in their continuity, balance, and sense of completeness, and yet often irregular in execution, ensō are at once the most fundamentally simple and the most complex shape. Ensō evoke power, dynamism, charm, humor, drama, and stillness.


Bonsai, like other forms of art, uses the medium of symbolism to communicate ideas and emotions. An understanding of Japanese aesthetics contributes to an appreciation of bonsai’s rich symbology. Bonsai utilizes horticultural techniques along with artistic applications to cultivate miniature replicas of trees as they’re found in nature. The tradition has been refined over the last millennium to reflect the aesthetic qualities found in nature through balance, simplicity and harmony.

Width: 0.96 in  ( 24 mm)

Height:  1.30 in ( 33 mm)

Polished finished.

Made in USA

Available in 10k, 14k and Sterling Silver.

0.96 (in)
1.30 (in)
0.05 (in)