Posted by MA on 16th Jul 2014

Bit by Bit: Celtic Wedding Rings

Notorious for its intricate and elegant designs, the Celtic knot (also referred to as the mystic knot or endless knot), owns an abundance of both historical and spiritual meanings. It is known that these Celtic designs became apparent as early as 450 AD. The continuous/infinite paths that are prominent all throughout Celtic designs were used as charms to ward off sicknesses or setbacks that might interrupt the continuous path of life.

Gifts that were adorned with mystic or endless knots were given to wish the gift receiver of longevity, or luck with new endeavors in the ongoing paths of life.

Overall there are many different styles of Celtic knots - each upholding unique meaning and symbolism.

Gold Trinity Knot Ring

Gold Trinity Ring

Here within these two rings, we see the Celtic Trinity Symbol. The Celtic symbol for trinity has an assortment of meanings that I will list for you:

- Spirit, Mind, Body

- Father, Son, Holy Ghost

- Mother, Father, Child

- Past, Present, Future

- Power, Intellect, Love

- Creator, Destroyer, Sustainer

- Creation, Preservation, Destruction

- Thought, Feeling, Emotion

- Mother, Maiden, Crone

- Other world, Mortal world, Celestial world

The fact there are so many different interpretations behind the Celtic symbol can make it seem indefinable, yet leave room for each individual to perceive and apply it the way they prefer – ultimately gifting a sacred and personalized meaning, and a meaning that only matters to the individual!

Celtic Wedding Rings 

The assortments of Celtic wedding rings in our collection hold a numerous amount of unifying symbols – indicating the beauty of unification in a sacred marriage and/or promise.

Celtic Knot Wedding Band

In the picture above, for example, we see the Centered Trinity repeating (eternity ring), symbolizing more than the eternity of infinite love and compassion, but the infinite promises the beholder upholds – a reminder to continuous spiritual unity with your significant other.